CNC-Hochgeschwindigkeits-Vollmetall-Stahlstangenschneideautomatische Kreissägemaschine


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Machine can be equipped with the scrap sucking device when cutting pipe, cause there are scraps inside of the pipe when cutting, the rotate blade would also cut the scraps when cutting pipe, this way, the blade life span would shorten, if equipped with scrap sucking device, it can clean the scraps inside of the pipe, the most important thing is the blade life would be longer, can cut more pieces of pipe.
  • KOPF-85X

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Product Description

The automatic high-speed circular saw machine is suitable for high-speed cutting of high-hardness materials.

The cutting tools are mainly circular saws, using precision ball screws and high-precision linear sliding tables. 

Using AC servo motor and excellent gear box to drive the circular saw blade to cut, to achieve the accuracy and stability of the circular saw.

High-Speed Circular Saw

The appearance is full-cover, beautiful and generous, and the man-machine operation is simple and intuitive.

Realize the operation and cutting of the fully automatic circular saw is simple, stable, fast and safe.

When working, cutting can set the cutting size, cutting quantity and size, which is convenient for users to cut multiple pieces of materials to meet different needs.

Moreover, the number of teeth of the circular saw blade depends on the thickness and material of the material to be cut, and there are different combinations of large and small teeth.

The cutting materials mainly include iron round material, square material, pipe material and profile.

High-Speed Circular Saw

Detail display

High-Speed Circular Saw


Convenient operation, the system adopts automatic control of Japan Mitsubishi PLC system

Use touch screen to input cutting operation parameters

High-Speed Circular Saw

Discharging Device

Convenient material collection and processing, realize the separation of finished product and material head

High-Speed Circular Saw

Servo feeding system

It adopts Hefu motor and high-precision ball screw for feeding, linear guide, overall yaw feeding, stable and fast feeding;

High-Speed Circular Saw

Hydraulic clamping

Adopt hydraulic rail clamping to ensure the stability of cutting bars and tubes during cutting

The loading and unloading and feeding systems are all operated by humans and machines, and sent to the PLC to send instructions to the sensors to automatically judge and distinguish the sorting of the material looking and the material end and the material end.

And has the function of automatically measuring and setting the cutting volume, which the user can easily control.

High-Speed Circular Saw

Capacity ●10 - 85 mm

■10 - 65 mm

○10 - 85 mm

□10 - 65 mm

Using TCT hard circular saw blade φ285t2.0~315t2.25
Single feeding length 10~800 mm
Rotation Speed 20~150 rpm
Moter 9.5 KW
Hydraulic oil capacity 90 L
Size 7000*2900 mm
Net Weight 4200 kgs


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